Skin Treatments: Tattoo Removal

tattoo has become a craze now days. An inedible ink is injected in the upper layer namely dermis of the skin to make decorative patterns or other marks namely tatoo. It changes the pigment in the skin and colourful marks can be seen in the pattern as injected in the skin.

Tattooing has been practiced for centuries worldwide and is very common in young people.

Then why tattoo removal?

Tattoos which are impulsively embedded in youth become a source of embarrassment in later years/holding you back from getting a job/symbolizes hate/past love etc.

There are many tools which are used to remove tattoo. Once tattoo removal was considered near to impossible as tattoo were believed to be permanent. But now many treatment methods have emerged to partially or fully remove tattoos. Laser is the most popular and widely used tool for Tattoo removal. A type of laser namely Q switch laser is used to break down the ink used to make the tattoo. After the ink breaks down, your body absorbs it, which are then cleared away by your own immune system. It is easy to remove black and blue tattoos as these coloured inks easily break down where as it is a difficult task to break yellow, green and fluorescent ink pigments. These pigments break with difficulty as they have higher absorption spectra compared to emission spectra of the laser used for tattoo removal or they coincide with higher limit of emission spectra of the laser.

Benefits: Near total removal of birthmarks like naevus of Ota etc and tattoos.

Results see in 6-10 session, done every 6-8 weeks. Painless Procedure.

Lightening of dark lips also with same laser.