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Skin Treatments: Ear Lobe

The Increasing Practice Of Ear Piercing By Females Has Resulted In More And More Requests For Ear Lobe Repairs, Either For Inadvertent Tears Of The Ear Lobule Produced By A Tug On The Ear Ring Or For Traction Deformities Caused By The Prolonged Use Of Heavy Jewellery On The Ear, As Is Commonly Seen In India.
Surgical Repair Of The Torn Ear Lobe Or Stitching It Has Been Common Procedure Adopted Till Now Thereby Sparing Patients The Inconvenience And Cost Of Referral To A Sub-Specialist.

Dr Gaurav Nakra Developed The Procedure Of Stitch Less Ear Lobe Repair Through The Use Of Surgical Glue. In This Procedure The Lobes Are Attached Without Any Stitch Or Inconvenient Surgery. It’s A Simple Procedure, Done In Small Duration And Is Relatively Painless

Stitches ear lobe repair
Repair of earlobe is carried out under local anaesthetic. This procedure is usually very well tolerated and the discomfort experienced is minimal. The torn skin edges are excised and the fresh edges are stitched together with sutures that need to remain in place for one or two weeks depending on the clinical situation. This is decided at the time of surgery. You will return to our clinics at the agreed date to have sutures removed. Stristrips/Paper stitches are normally applied over the real stitches and the patient is advised to keep them dry for at least two days.