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Skin Treatments: Acne Treatment in Delhi

Acne Treatment in Delhi

Acne treatmnet in Delhi. In our years of experience, we have seen that acne scars not only have a horrible effect on your facial beauty but also have disastrous effects on your individual self esteem and confidence. There, we at Centre for Skin firmly believe that early and effective management of acne can help to get rid of those scars. We start the treatment our acne after a thorough assessment. We can then customize treatment and combine different medical treatments with peels and LASERs, as and when needed. The quick response can reduce the incidence of scarring.

Acne Surgery is the process of surgical removal of different forms of acne. It includes cutting, extraction of content and comedo extraction of severe acne lesions. Some acne surgeries can leave scars on face while other treatments such as peels, lasers, etc can be used to reduce the appearance of these scars.

Some acne lesions are embedded deeply into the skin, resulting in redness and swelling. The might be unresponsiveness to other acne control methods. In such cases, dermatologists may recommend draining of pimples. In this type of surgery, pimples will cut open and the content within will drain out. While the surgery is straightforward and short, you must remember to take help of professional and qualified dermatologist to take Acne Treatment in Delhi. This will minimize the risks and further hazards.

Another treatment option for Acne Treatment is to go for Comedo Exraction. Comedones are usually called as Black heads and White heads. A closed comedo- white head is a kind of embedded pimple into the skin. On the other hand, closed comdo or black head is little extracted over the skin. Under this process, the surgeon or professional skin specialist will use an extractor to remove the contents. Since white heads are more embedded into the skin, they are often cut with a small blade before the comedo extractor is used. The surgery takes a few minutes to be done and the results are flawless.

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Acne Surgery